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Robot Vacuum

  • 4 Optional Cleaning Modes & Auto-Clean - Zigzag mode, edge mode, spot cleaning and auto cleaning to meet different cleaning requirements to achieve maximum efficiency. This floor cleaning machine equipped with 3 advanced infrared anti-collision sensors, this robotic vacuum can detect objects in its path and navigate around them to achieve uninterrupted cleaning. While included cutting-edge anti-drop sensors to ensure cleaning robot can clean up around stairs safely without falling.
  • Fully Capable of Cleaning All Floor Types - There is an auto-adjust cleaning head in the robot vacuum, which automatically adjusts its height based upon the floor type. Moreover, being able to climb for 15 degrees max, the robotic cleaning machine can effectively cleaning different types of hard floors and carpets.
  • Self-Charging & Timing Function - Automatically docks and recharges itself when the battery gets low ( when the voltage is less than 12.8V ), then return to finish the task within about 6.6ft at hand until your floors are dirt-free. This Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner powered by powerful 2600mAh battery, it can work up to about 120mins on a single charge over all. TWO timing functions ( 24H / Go mode) allow you to schedule the cleaner through the controller to clean your floors anytime
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