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Borinsin Technology has established a complete quality control system and strict quality management system. It has set up a quality testing center with large scale, complete equipment and standardized management in the same industry in China. It has more than 90 advanced testing equipments at home and abroad. Corrosion resistance test, simulated cooking experiment, performance test, packaging and transportation experiment and small household appliance test, the testing ability can meet the testing requirements of the industry and the EU. Over the years, the Group has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, QHSAS18001 and TUV, SG, ELT, CB, BSCI and other institutions certification, products in line with European EN, Germany DIN, US CMA, Japan SG and other national standards, and with the internationally renowned " TUV Rheinland Laboratory maintains years of academic exchanges and technical cooperation, making the testing center an excellent testing laboratory for domestic stainless steel manufacturing enterprises, which is highly praised and trusted by customers and consumers.
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